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published by Dave_Clark on Mon, 11/03/2014 - 15:00

Indeed, a key aspect of Humanism is a scientific approach to understanding, and living, as a part of nature; our officially held “naturalistic world view.” Rejecting divine intervention, we revel in the delights of the natural world. In general, we believe that solutions to the problems our planet, our species, our neighbors and our selves face, derive from an ever more accurate understanding of the way nature works. This nature includes things as varied as human neuropsychology, game theoretic approaches to economic and political behavior, quantum mechanical aspects of entangled super-cooled hydrogen atoms, the migratory patterns of trumpeter swans and the intricacies of the Atlantic conveyor-belt current as it relates to climate disruption, to name but the merest few. In our post-enlightenment era, we do not put ourselves in deadly peril for supporting such views, but we still too often find ourselves at odds with the prevailing beliefs of our fellow citizens and governing officials.

We know, in short, that nothing in our universe is beyond the purview of science. All phenomena and objects unknown, undiscovered or unanswered are, ipso facto, a part of the natural world and completely consistent with every other thing in and about it. We are convinced that the best way to change things is to discover, describe and apply the natural causes and effects that can bring about some desired change. We have no doubts that applied human ingenuity is the very best way to guarantee a better tomorrow, and to fight the superstitions of today.

This was the tenth annual Amazing Meeting. The host and originator was the indefatigable and delightfully gnomish magician James Randi – known as The Amazing Randi. TAM, as it is generally called, is a convocation of skeptics, science-lovers and scam-debunkers who gather to swap socialize, network and to listen to talks and panels comprising some of the most notable names in science and skepticism. We were delighted to meet several prominent authors, magicians and Internet personalities.

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